New features, updates, bug fixes, and enrichments to Rutter.

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July 16, 2021

Public Launch

After months of building and improving the product, we're excited to open up the gates and launch Rutter to the public! Support out of the box includes read and write endpoints for 11 platforms.


Users can now check out their monthly active connections and API usage by going to the Connections tab of the dashboard.


  • More detailed error messaging when creating products and variants with incorrect inputs
  • Fixed an issue preventing Etsy product deletion
  • Fixed an issue where Amazon connections were not returning the proper store ID
  • Fixed an issue where images were not returned in the POST /products response body for Etsy products
  • Fixed an issue that caused images not to be returned on Wix variants
  • Fixed an issue where Wix products were not being returned in the POST /products response body
July 9, 2021


Merchant authentication, GET endpoints. and update webhooks for Prestashop are live! Write endpoints are on the way.

Self Serve

Created a free tier. Users can now create up to 20 store connections before billing is required. Additionally, users can toggle between using sandbox keys (which have fake data) and production keys (which allow connections into real stores)


  • Added weights and weight units to variants on all platforms
  • Added shipping method as a field to orders on all platforms. Shipping method describes the specified shipping option (Two Day Air, Next Day Ground, etc.)
  • Improved testing and reliability across all platforrms
  • Standardized payment statuses for orders across all platforms
  • Fixed an issue where inventory was not being properly set in POST /products for WooCommerce
  • Fixed an issue where orders from GET /products contained DateTime fields that were not UNIX timestamps for Shopify